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Advice to New Players

A safety briefing is given before anyone steps out on the field. We provide safety tips and explain the rules of the game during this session. However, for players new to the game of paintball, Combat Houston has provided the following advice.

What should I wear?

Even though you will be pumped full of adrenaline and do not think you will feel a hit as much, it is important to protect your body.

  • For your upper body, it is best to wear at least two layers, though three is advised.
    • First, wear a base layer of “under armor”, or something that will draw the moisture away from you.
    • Second, wear a t-shirt on top of the base layer.
    • Third, wear a thick shirt like an old sweatshirt or a light jacket.
  • For your lower body, it is best to wear long pants that leave no skin exposed.

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