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I hope for a future when you can just do cargo build and get a binary that runs on a game console of your choice.

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Alright, add an accessor! None of my games have ever had anything as complicated as a component system.

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I now had a systematic way of adding data to my entities and adding logic based on that data. Like you, I've seen both college essays help. I am really excited for the core team to announce more structured processes for spinning up working groups in so that we can move this group forward!

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Still very much a work in progress, it's got a website and a github repo. No, seriously… HOW. What have we gained vs our UR-architecture? The cargo cult popularity can definitely influence the decision to play with the technology, rust based game engine by no means does it indicate that it is entirely appropriate for the task at hand.

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I made it so that when a key was pressed, an object was selected and click would then place that type of object. The discussion which happens on the Amethyst gitter and github issues has spawned, amongst other useful libraries, a parallel ECS, specs.

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This is not an insult to such games, even marginally, the people who do this are often absolute geniuses who are just very good at knowing what to care about and what not to rust based game engine about. Either way, the most important point is to focus on the fun and not let technologies get in the way of making a good game.

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  3. This is a common factor of many gamedev library on Rust.
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For example, you can have a Renderable component, a Position component, etc. They are game engines or, at least, they trythey include graphical rendering of coursebut also scene management, game loops, audio, inputs, assets management, and more.

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You can find more info on the homepagethe github repo and the gitter chat. During this year I had only one ONE!! For example, pressing 1 would give you a court and pressing 2 would give you a person.

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These mammoth engines also care about performance.