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Please note: ONLY students who have submitted all required records will be able to enroll for classes as soon as enrollment opens.

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You are not guaranteed university housing. Programs must report the rank for all EAP applicants recommended for admission. An official transcript is one that UA receives directly from the institution, either electronically or in a sealed envelope, with appropriate identifying information and authorized signature indicating the exact date of graduation.

Answer 1A: The University of California has a set of minimum requirements to be a junior-level transfer student.


On re-reading the letter for the first time in nearly 10 years, I remember why I had to write it. Get to know your campus. An official test score is one that Undergraduate Admissions receives directly from the testing agency. Applicants who hold the Ph.

  • Eventually, I decided to accept a generous offer of admissions from Occidental College.
  • Being substantive and direct is much better than being creative or flashy".
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  • The questionnaire asks for assessment of financial and advising capacity, as well as any other bases to change the enrollment target, and will be reviewed in conjunction with data on program success in retention, advancement within normative time, and completion of the degree.
  • The department must explain why the applicant will not be at an academic or financial disadvantage by starting in the spring.

FAQ 5D: My school sends transcripts electronically. You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all information reported on your application and on the Transfer Academic Update TAU accessed from your application.

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With an on-going war in Iraq, the UC campus is the site of much heated debate. For admitted applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States: Once program has entered the recommendation and it has been reviewed, the Graduate Admissions Office will send the applicant an official admissions notification.

Individual programs set the deadline for completion of applications.

Official exam results would be required separately if they do not appear on your final, official high school transcript. Be selective and exercise your own judgement regarding the main competencies and skills you wish to highlight.

You were expected to have listed both the original grade and the repeated grade. The Systemwide EAP office will send the application materials directly to the individual programs.

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Cost of attendance and financial assistance The cost of attendance is determined by the Board of Regents every July. Applicants must meet all minimum University requirements for admission, including an appropriate basic degree, an acceptable GPA, and English language proficiency.

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Undergraduate courses completed while on limited status cannot be used to statement of intent to register berkeley subject or residence requirements for an advanced degree or credential, if the applicant is admitted. It's also important to mention how one may have trained oneself over the past few years for specializing in the field- either through reading landmark books about it, following the work of noted academicians in the field, taking up extra courses besides academic work, internships, inspiration from family in the field etc.

Answer 5F: Yes, you may hand-deliver your transcript to the Office of Admissions during regular business hours, provided the transcript is in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution with appropriate signature and official seal.

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They must be evaluated for graduate admission on the same basis as other applicants. Applicants offered admission after review by the Graduate Division must complete the Statement of Intent to Register form online. There is currently no Graduate Division deposit required for those who accept the offer of admission, and no Graduate Division deadline for students offered admission unless they are offered fellowships requiring response by April Consistency in your level of achievement must be carried through your senior year coursework.

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A student is in good standing if the overall and last term grade point average is at least 2. Currently I am organizing a Drug-Awareness assembly to take place prior to finals week.

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  • Admissions Policy | Berkeley Graduate Division
  • Graduate from high school, or achieve the equivalent to earning a high school diploma.
  • Accepting Your Offer of Admission | Berkeley Graduate Division

The Graduate Division provides a central platform for application to graduate study at Berkeley.