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Stauffer also argued that hate speech and insulting ideas are two different things. Work is underway to provide the same functionality for the second layer pages, but this will likely take more time because of the number of second layer pages. However, Ms.

Closing Statement Example: Presenting a Legal Argument

Complete your arguments by making your final statements about your case. Freedom of expression must include the right to insult, because cover letter of receptionist is no alternative.

Whatever you say in the final sentences of your closing statement, make sure your words will leave a lasting impression on the judge or jury. Several delegations have referred to the promotion of that second segment in Tunisia of WSIS, and the UN's own work towards bridging the digital divide.

I am sorry, Mr. My own view is that the third option is preferable. I believe we all agree that our ultimate goal is to have an effective and efficient network that will best utilize the limited staff and limited budgetary resources at DPI's disposal to promote the objectives and the work of the United Nations across the globe.

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Chairman, Several delegations referred to DPI efforts with regard to the support for the public information components of peacekeeping operations. Indeed, DPI is very conscious of the importance of this issue which, I am pleased to tell you, will be discussed by the heads of information of the UN system organizations at the forthcoming annual session of the UN Communications Group.

As I have maintained throughout this debate, my position is NOT that using your freedom of expression should never have consequences—it historically has, it currently does, and it good closing statements for debates continue to do so. Simpson, who was charged with murdering his ex-wife and her boyfriend in She raised the questions about the effects it has on the people reading or watching such publication, inflamed by the contents and may repeat those insults as a consequence.

In addition to the arrangements in place with what is best website for doing homework universities for pro bono translation of material for the UN web site, we will continue to assist and urge other departments to provide more language content.

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How to Write an Opening and Closing Statement Tutorial | Sophia Learning I believe we all agree that our ultimate goal is to have an effective and efficient network that will best utilize the limited staff and limited budgetary resources at DPI's disposal to promote the objectives and the work of the United Nations across the globe.

There are no rebuttals good closing statements for debates in this section. The problem is that we are indeed a very de-centralized system, and our web sites do tend to ramble in a de-centralized fashion. If a particular piece of evidence appears to have been tampered with, or the story of one of the witnesses seems unreliable, this is the area of your statement in which to bring up those doubts, and share your reasoning with those listening.

When confronted by those who called him a madman or a liar, the Holy Prophet forgave them and said that any punishment would occur in the Afterlife.

How to Close a Debate Speech

As has been pointed out, "system coherence" is one of the areas addressed by the Secretary-General in his report "In larger freedom: Towards development, security and human rights for all".

In this respect, may I add that the new Chef de Cabinet will also take part in this session to address the issue of generating and sustaining support for the UN reform agenda.

  1. As stated above, these are the final words to be considered before a verdict is reached.
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  5. The opposition's closing remarks Dr.

This is similar to the one that was organized for the first segment of the Summit, held in Geneva last year, though on a smaller, a more modest scale, again for financial reasons. The threat of that kind of punishment is likely to lead citizens to remain silent even if they see the need for example to criticize priests in the Catholic Church who abuse children and the Cardinals and Popes who have protected those priests.

Booth and some of the commenters have all noted that the principle of freedom of expression is selectively protected at best, and to this sentiment, I cannot disagree.

The moderator's closing remarks

A closing statement can, and sometimes does, sway the outcome of a trial. Stauffer responded to the arguments made against the motion in a very dynamic way by highlighting important questions on the arguments of opposite side and expanding her arguments further.

It is the last chance for both parties of said debate or trial to state their argument, and hopefully affect the verdict or outcome in their favor. In the legal sense, a closing statement is delivered by the attorney on either side of the case: the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney. However, UN libraries will continue to explore all opportunities to make use of the most appropriate technology for the tools and services they provide to the Member States and the Secretariat, keeping in mind the inequalities of local infrastructure and resources.

But the forum will span the range of issues that you will want to imagine: technical issues regarding the information society, the impact of ICT on developing country broadcasters, and broader issues such as cultural diversity, the dialogue among civilizations, the safety of journalists in conflict zones, and other considerations like these, which this Committee has demonstrated are of great importance to you, its Members.

Essay custom meister, we are happy to see that all of you found the interactive session useful, and that no less than two-thirds of the respondents said it was very useful.

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Often, the closing statement is the most important and memorable part of the legal process, given its placement at the conclusion of the trial and its dramatic nature, and it is usually organized in a specific way.

As a result, there has not been sufficient time to meaningfully assess how ODS is being accessed through the web and what the overall impact has been in terms of increased traffic to UN documentation via the website. Wajid Ali seems to have been raising the same question regarding insult and hateful expression, that how if one restricts himself or ignores such expression, going to prevent it from happening again.

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Both the content and the delivery of a closing statement are incredibly important, because it is the last thing a lawyer can say to the jury or judge before a final decision is made about the case. Several delegations have suggested that new information centres should be established. In response to the opposition arguments against inflammatory speech, Ms.

Moreover, our good closing statements for debates in Tehran has organized a number of activities, working within their existing — and rather limited — resources. The proposer's closing remarks Ms.

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Those ideas that are bigoted, ill-intentioned and harmful will fade away over time, as they always have. And on the specific question asked this afternoon, I wish to assure the delegate concerned that DPI will work with the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, to ensure the updating of the Chernobyl web site in the remaining official languages Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

Writing an EPIC Debate Closing Statement

Stauffer suggests in her comment on the Charlie Hebdo cartoons; or by letting them flourish but countering them with more speech, as Professor Stone urges; or by regulating and in some cases using fines and other punishments to reduce the contamination they bring to public discourse.

The best response to such perversion is openness, transparency, and the free exchange of opinions. I wish to assure you that DPI will continue to pay special attention to these needs. I will now try to address the issues and questions raised by the delegations on this very broad topic.

The important things rest on time meaning include here are the presentation of evidence from both sides, the testimony of witnesses from both sides, and any aspect of those things that work in your favor, leaving out anything that makes the other side look good.

How to Close a Debate Speech | Synonym The statistics on the number of overall page views of the UN web site in and sorted by official languages is being circulated to the delegations as I speak, as also are the number of page views of the UN News Centre.

Partnerships will be developed with other Secretariat Departments to implement the strategy. Let me also assure the delegations who raised the issue of parity on the web site, including on the News Centres, that we will continue our efforts to meet this difficult challenge can you pay someone to write your thesis the resources available. Canada creative writing phd is here that Ms.

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If the defendant or plaintiff, the person or company on each side of the case, is unrepresented, meaning without a lawyer to argue on his or her behalf, he or she has the option to deliver a closing statement of his or her own creation. Delegations have also emphasized the special needs of the African continent in the area of public information and communications. Use a quotation, if you have one available, that wraps up your final argument or provides some closure to your case.

I hope I have done so without addressing or repeating some of the points already exhaustively made on Monday afternoon in the interactive session. While countering Ms. Explain the most important points in your case as an overview for your judges.

A number of delegations have spoken specifically about the work of UN information centres in their respective countries, and I would like to thank them for their expressions of support.

As it turns out, the hand with which Tom, the defendant, supposedly hit a white woman is useless to him, making it impossible that he is guilty of injuring her. My colleagues and I are very grateful for your expressions of support for the work of our Department as the public voice of the United Nations. This is the last the audience will hear from your side so make it count! The good news seems to be that the more you learn about the work of this Department, and the longer you participate in this Committee, the more positively you view the results of DPI's efforts, judging by the survey answers of those of you who are not here for the first time.